Modern, User-Friendly Interface

 Employees and Suppliers enjoy the easy-to-use system. The same design principle creates better relationships with suppliers because of the transparency provided by SnapAP’s on-demand dashboard updates.

Staff and suppliers alike appreciate quicker and more accurate compliance to purchase deal terms.

Implementing SnapAP’s automated accounts payable program means that you get the benefits of our easy to use and learn design while you enjoy the permanent cost savings. Our whole team is committed to finding ways to help you use our software program to save time and save money by replacing costly manual purchase order and invoice processing.


Before we had SnapAP our AP Invoice processing system involved a manual, very laborious, high paper volume process prior to their entry in our financial program. Also because of our remote location, Invoices from suppliers were usually quite late in getting to us or were never received at all causing time delays in payments.


Christine Philips
Accounts Payable Supervisor

Simple, Faster, and Better

With SnapAP Accounts Payable Software all the services you would expect from an automated Accounts Payable solution are here and easier than ever to put into practice.

  •      Easy to purchase
  •      Easy to implement
  •      Easy to use

Complexity creates fog; simplicity clears it.

We believe clarity and transparency in your accounts payable automation is essential. SnapAP has a straightforward interface which is very intuitive and user-friendly. Best of all, your suppliers have 24/7 access to all Purchase Orders, Invoices, and Payment status data – without paying fees or needing special software.


How is SnapAP Different?
Why is it Better for Moving Your Business Forward

SnapAP is different because it was designed to help you move your business forward by providing gains in efficiency for invoice processing and purchase order management.

A key design ingredient in what makes us different is our design ethic of simplicity.

Accounts payable software capable of electronic Invoicing and creating a paperless accounts payable system is not a new idea. There are many companies offering AP automation software. SnapAP is different because we want to make automation simple — simple to implement, simple to use, and simple to choose.

With over a decade of working with some of the largest natural resource extraction companies in the world with multiple locations and as many suppliers in each location, we were taught by our customers what was essential in a high performance, accounts payable software.

Our customer’s need for simplicity and integration of all purchasing and procurement as well as supplier payments, lead us to develop a  complete and seamless Procure-to-Pay automation (P2P) software platform.

As a result of customer input and our software design team, we programmed SnapAP Accounts Payable Software to operate at the highest level of simplicity.

As a result, SnapAP Accounts Payable Software is a complex set of process steps made simple to do and guides the payables staff to full payment completion. SnapAP contains just what you need to take control of your accounts payable processes to reduce frustration over so many problems that are part of a manual invoice process.

Our Customers Need for Simplicity and Ease of Implementation Drove Our Software Design, and it Shows

We programmed the design of SnapAP to be easy for you, which truthfully wasn’t easy for us, but the result is well worth the effort. We love hearing our customer stories.

When you implement SnapAP Accounts Payable Software for your internal AP automation with full electronic invoicing (e-invoicing), you and your payable staff team will experience many benefits.

SnapAP Payables Automation Benefits Includes:

  • Increased productivity
  • Defect elimination
  • Improved morale
  • Permanent cost reduction
  • Primed for growth with full scalability
  • Catch early payment discounts and negotiate for better payment terms
  • Manage cash flow more efficiently
  • Eliminate delays in processing
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Enjoy better compliance
  • Keep your data secure
  • Stop the onslaught of paper…no more stacks of filing, lost documents, or paper cuts
  • Easy to implement and fully compatible with your existing finance software
  • Our Customer and Supplier Onboarding team along with our simple online process make adding your suppliers, a snap.

SnapAP makes your Accounts Payable available 24/7, so employees and suppliers always have access to all of the Purchase Orders, Invoices (and Invoice status) and Payment information from anywhere, at any time.

Every step of the accounts payable process is tracked within SnapAP, and you are supplied with a secure database offering a full audit trail for every supplier transaction. The whole story is always there, providing 100% transparency and easy compliance.

Auditors love us as do CFOs, CEOs, and procurement managers everywhere.

SnapAP Savings COST
SnapAP Savings TIME

And how about your bottom line impact?

The old-fashioned paper-based accounts payable process required one full-time employee per 8-12K invoices per year. Using the SnapAP automated and paperless process, that ratio is one employee to 80-90K invoices per year!

Using SnapAP instead of a manual invoice process, allows you to streamline and simplify your purchase and payment process while at the same time making it more accurate and easier to use. What’s not to love?

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our stellar SnapAP user reviews from an independent software review publisher.

This review published on Capterra by Melanie B. titled her review ‘Changing from Reactive to Proactive – P2P Process.’

With SnapAP, we have transformed our P2P process into the most efficient, state of the art, defect-free process.

The team helped every step of the way, from guiding us through the change management process, to ensuring customer personal growth, helping us develop a complete understanding of the business process and the importance of each step along the way.

They are a company that `practices what they preach in all of their daily business tasks.

They understand the full value and benefits in efficient processes/employees and the power of positivity.

Melanie B. Capterra Reviews

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