Before SnapAP, our Accounts Payable department had many inefficient processes. This led to wasted time spent by everyone (from Purchasing to AP to the Suppliers) finding and trying to fix errors instead of preventing them. It felt like we were always in a state of ‘catch-up’, with no sense of control on our workload. These deficiencies made it difficult to accurately forecast cash flows.

With the Supplier entering their own Invoices electronically into SnapAP, we now have a completely paperless process that is built on the philosophy of getting things right up front, to ensure there are no defects down the line. The process provides complete transparency, while improving internal controls. The Supplier can see all of the status of their Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments, all without calling AP.

SnapAP has a very simple interface: training a new Employee or Supplier is a simple 20 minute process. Suppliers provide very positive feedback at the simplicity and completeness of the SnapAP process.

With SnapAP, we have transformed our P2P process into the most efficient, state of the art, defect free process. The GSCM team helped every step of the way, from guiding us through the change management process, to ensuring customer personal growth, helping us develop a complete understanding of the business process and the importance of each step along the way. They are a company that ‘practices what they preach’ in all of their daily business tasks. They understand the full value and benefits in efficient processes/employees and the power of positivity.

– Melanie Brown, Accounts Payable Supervisor, J.S. Redpath Limited

GCC_logoBefore we had SnapAP our AP Invoice processing system involved a manual, very laborious, high paper volume process prior to their entry in our financial program. Also because of our remote location, Invoices from suppliers were usually quite late in getting to us or were never received at all causing time delays in payments. SnapAP automated this whole pre-entry process allowing us much more efficient use of labor, much less paper, timelier Payments, and gives the Supplier much more direct knowledge about the status of their account. SnapAP is very friendly to use making it easy to train AP personnel, Approvers and Suppliers alike, even over the phone, usually in 30 minutes or less. Our Suppliers have expressed their appreciation of how straight forward it is to use and the benefits of having access to their account information. SnapAP has drastically improved the efficiency of our Accounts Payable department to the benefit of both our Company and our Suppliers.

– Christine Philips, Accounts Payable Supervisor, Grande Cache Coal

GCC_logoWe have been working with GSCM for the past 4 years and have been utilizing SnapAP during this time. SnapAP has been a straight forward, somewhat simple solution for both our Vendors and Employees to use. There hasn’t been much intervention required for support but when we have needed it we found the staff of GSCM to be responsive and professional. I would recommend companies to evaluate and invest in using the SnapAP system and to work with those at GSCM.

– Travis Michalsky, 
Senior Technical Analyst – Grande Cache Coal

logo-inciteconsultingGSCM is very easy to work with as they have a defined process to capture requirements and define measurement. The proposed solutions are always very customer-focused. SnapAP is very comprehensive and the interface is intuitive to use. The Invoicing process leverages greatly from the PO allowing Vendors to partially or fully Invoice their customers. The controls are very obvious with regards to the unit pricing etc. Approving Invoices internally is very easy as well. Invoices needing approvals are automatically routed to the appropriate internal approvers. SnapAP has very good internal controls, yet is not cumbersome to use. Most Suppliers were trained by bringing their active Invoices in to a quick training session, which allowed the Supplier to quickly learn the system with live data. The Approver’s training is also very easy. Suppliers have visibility to the complete Invoice lifecycle without having to call the Accounts Payable department. Employees can see all outstanding and processed Invoices easily from SnapAP. The data interface requires no changes within the Client’s ERP system. I would definitely recommend SnapAP. It achieves a significant reduction in AP effort to process and manage Invoices.

– Henry Shen, IncITe Consulting

In 2012 -13 the GSCM team facilitated the transition from an “in house” multi- platform ERP to their SnapAP Procurement and Supplier Interface for a significant Australian subsidiary of a Global company of which I was the Australian Procurement Manager. The GSCM team overcame not only the tyranny of time and distance imposed by the Canada – Australia element of the task but the ‘change management‘ challenges of a conservative and geographically diverse customer. The key was the absolute dedication the GSCM team to Customer Service throughout. They cheerfully accommodated unique custom elements in the software to meet local needs with efficiency and technical excellence. Their ability to seamlessly immerse themselves in the enterprise and develop a high degree of understanding of the local requirements was impressive as were their solutions when confronting novel situations. Training, support tools and localized manuals were precise and always plentiful and their ability to encourage and motivate my Procurement team in their role as process change champions was crucial to an ultimately very smooth transition. Acceptance and uptake levels by Suppliers of the seamless efficiency of the SnapAP Procure to Pay process vastly exceeded best expectations. The GSCM team led the way by their involvement with the local team in direct interactions with Suppliers to achieve early acceptance from key vendors. At times providing 24/7 support coverage and overnight trouble shooting for any issues, the GSCM team made the transition very successful and from my point of view an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

– Warren Liddle –Procurement Manager – Australia

2122SnapAP is a complete paperless solution… from electronic Purchase Orders all the way to Payment, it makes the P2P process completely paperless. This means month end is literally the end of the month, as there is no need to chase paper. SnapAP provides an efficient process that reduces operating costs and allows for growth.

– Matthew Philipchuk
 – CEO & Chairman – Bight Petroleum Corp.


GSCM’s innovative P2P software solutions are extremely easy to navigate.

As a Supplier we feel confident knowing that as we had entered our Invoices ourselves there was no chance of Invoices going missing or being sent to the wrong person.

We would recommend GSCM’s P2P solutions to any company that has a high volume of Invoices being processed through their AP department.

– Michele Arena, Accounts Receivable – AERgO International Pty Ltd

global-vision-logoOur Customer used to be a little behind the curve on business processes and making payments, and now that they are using SnapAP, they are “way ahead of the curve”, and Payments are on time!

– Supplier – Canada

I actually really enjoy your invoicing system because of things like this. I like that we can get it all worked out up front and I don’t get stuck trying to figure out a bunch of deducts a month later! I wish every customer made it as easy as you do! :]

– Supplier – USA

FYI I love your portal – so user friendly, unlike others I have to use.

– Supplier – Canada

I was impressed with the SnapAP system and the ease with which our Invoices can be entered, together with the systems & procedures on the Customers side to ensure that they are promptly processed and approved. I certainly think it is an improvement for both of our businesses going forward.

– Supplier – Australia